who we are

who we are

Acacia is a team of professionals, experienced in our industry, based in Vancouver, Canada. We are a young company, adding profits to their business, energetic and motivated with well seasoned individuals who have actively been involved in servicing customers large and mid sized, and coordinating with factories large and small over the last 15 plus years. Our philosophy is that while this is all good background for our team, what is most important is distilling what we have learned along the way: using that essence to guide us through every step to give our customers exceptional service and products, adding profits to their business.

our core competencies are:

Marketing beautiful and affordable ceramic tiles: By listening to our customers and through outside research, we start with understanding and anticipating ceramic tile design trends. With that basis, we create ceramic tile designs and colours that are dead-on target for the North American market, and we manage the production of these products for Acacia Tile at qualified factories. We take these to our market through distribution channels. We are passionate about the creative and design aspects of making tiles look beautiful, taking inspiration not really from what tiles everyone already has, but from observing surroundings and letting ideas flow…..and then of course, spending endless time in factories turning concepts into reality.

Creating and managing custom programs: With the experience we have gained over the last 15 years, we also provide solutions to project manage the development and launch of custom programs where this approach can be beneficial for our customers. We have a successful track record doing this, and derive great satisfaction in enabling the much cliched, but still apt, win/win situations for customers and factories alike, resulting in sustainable, reliable and profitable business for the stakeholders.

Total commitment to the philosophy of quality assurance. More than just a trendy catch phrase, for us this means discussing and agreeing the expected quality standards for production, reviewing capabilities and processes at factories to enable them to be met, and then having a detailed QC checklist in place, for use by a most professional, third party ISO certified inspection agency.

Building respectful relationships with our incredible suppliers. We travel continually to where the factories and service providers are, spending time developing relationships and understandings with owners, the management teams, and the technicians who are so important in getting us what we need, when we need it. Our supply is in their hands, and we want them to want to help us be successful.