who we are

who we are

Acacia is an enthusiastic and energetic North American tile company specializing in the supply of top quality ceramic tile from qualified factories in India. Our team is motivated, well seasoned and knowledgeable in servicing US and Canadian distributors large and small for 20 years.

With India as a burgeoning source of supply, we are here to bridge gaps in culture and understanding between North American requirements and factory capabilities, to create win-win scenarios for our customers and the factories that produce our products.

It`s all about respect, earning trust and peace of mind for our customers:

We have developed strong relationships with a selection of top class factories in India, who understand and are committed to achieving the needs of the North American market. These relationships are built on mutual trust, reputation and through spending considerable time together in India and through daily communications. We have discussed and agreed the expected quality standards for production, reviewing capabilities and processes at factories to enable them to be met, and have detailed Quality Control checklists in place. Our professional team in Morbi, the ceramic tile hub in India, look after daily interactions with all levels at the factories, and complete thorough production inspections. These quality assurance measures are all about giving peace of mind to our customers, so they can have confidence that they will get what they are expecting, when they are expecting it – and earning their trust throughout the process.

Listening to the market and using our creativity:

We are passionate about marketing beautiful ceramic tiles at attractive prices. By listening to our customers and through outside research, we start with first understanding and anticipating ceramic tile design trends. With that solid basis, we get to enjoy releasing our creativity to design ceramic tile designs and colors that are dead-on target for the North American market, and we manage the production of these products for Acacia Tile at qualified factories – where we spend countless hours and days to acheive what we are looking for.

We love what we do

We are here, doing what we are doing, with the purpose of giving our distributor customers first class products that their customers will fall in love with and want to buy, and so allowing us to make a contribution to increasing their profitability…..if we can acheive a little of this everyday, we can end our day happy and fulfilled.