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Ceramic Wall Trims

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Acacia universal trims give the installer the tools to add the finishing touches to the ceramic tile installation, and adds class. The multi-size bullnose program comes with rounded long edges, shorts edges and corners to create soft and clean corners or transitions to other surfaces. Our numerous trims options creates focus on textures and linear dimensions, as well as to transition to different angles and planes.


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Ceramic Wall Trims Room Scenes

Ceramic Wall Trims Quarter Round and Square Liner

Ceramic Wall Trims White 3×6 With Bullnose Long

Ceramic Wall Trims 3×6 Bullnose Long, Short and 3×3 Corner

Ceramic Wall Trims Rail Liner and Pencil Bullnose Close Up

Ceramic Wall Trims Rail Liner and Pencil Bullnose


Long 3×6", Long 4×8", Long 4×12", Long 4×16", Short 3×6", Short 4×8", Short 4×12", Short 4×16", Corner 3×3", Corner 4×4", Pencil Bullnose 1/3×8″, Quarter Round 1×6″, Quarter Round Corner 1×1″, Rail Liner 1/2×8″, Cove Base 6×8", Chair Rail 2×8", Square Liner 1/2×12"